BPI Press Clip The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Public Libraries Are Reinventing Access to Higher Education

Across the country, libraries serve as great equalizers and safe spaces. They are institutions of change and models of equity and inclusion, allowing visitors free access to resources, irrespective of economic and social barriers. EUGENE M. TOBIN I still remember the awe and pride I felt the… Read More 

BPI Press Clip The New York Times

Earning a degree inside Brooklyn’s Central Public Library

Purvis Thompson poses for a portrait at the Brooklyn Public Library after taking an anthropology class offered by Bard College on October 16, 2018. Bard College has opened a micro-college, offering associates degrees earned by attending classes at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand… Read More 

BPI Press Clip The New York Times

How to Level the College Playing Field

This time of year, there’s a lot of optimism in the air about college. As acceptance notices come in, it seems like the smartest, hardest-working young people with the greatest potential are being matched to institutions of higher learning that will prepare them for… Read More 

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