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Factually! podcast artwork.
Factually! with Adam Conover #46

College Behind Bars with Max Kenner and Sebastian Yoon

The Bard Prison Initiative is a revolutionary program that provides a rigorous college education to men and women in prison. In one of our most power episodes ever, BPI’s founder Max Kenner and recent graduate Sebastian Yoon join Adam this week to discuss how… Read More 

Miranda Warnings Podcast artwork
Miranda Warnings Podcast

Max Kenner | Coronavirus Is Coming To Prisons

  Max Kenner, Executive Director of the Bard Prison Initiative, joins David to discuss what the BPI does, why college-in-prison programs are essential to reducing recidivism and how prisons are adapting and preparing for the coronavirus. The conversation begins with a discussion about the effectiveness of… Read More 

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Rehabilitation and Education In America’s Prisons

For most incarcerated citizens, prison puts life on hold. You might say that's as it should be. Prison—at least partly—is punishment. But increasingly, policymakers are thinking more seriously about what happens when people get out of prison—and what the best ways are to rehabilitate them, so… Read More 

Scheer Intelligence
KCRW: Scheer Intelligence Podcast

The Greatest Threat to the Prison Industrial Complex

In the U.S., the nation with the largest prison population proportional to population in the world, the idea of rehabilitation has long ago gone from being a stated goal to a completely ignored concept. A study which focuses on people released from prisons in 2005 reveals… Read More 

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Vermont Biz

Bennington College approved for prison education initiative

Related Company: Bennington College Vermont Business Magazine Bennington College has received accreditation from the New England Commissions of Higher Education (NECHE) to award a Bennington College Associate of Art degree to incarcerated students through its Prison Education Initiative (PEI). Now in its fifth year, PEI brings Bennington College faculty to Great Meadow… Read More 


How A Liberal Arts Education Helps Felons Become ‘Civic Beings’

By Emily Chamlee-Wright Later this month, professors Chris Surprenant (University of New Orleans) and Jason Brennan (Georgetown University) will release their new book on mass incarceration, Injustice for All: How Financial Incentives Corrupted and Can Fix the U.S. Criminal Justice System. The numbers, Surprenant reminded me in… Read More 

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