Miranda Warnings Podcast

Max Kenner | Coronavirus Is Coming To Prisons

Max Kenner


Max Kenner, Executive Director of the Bard Prison Initiative, joins David to discuss what the BPI does, why college-in-prison programs are essential to reducing recidivism and how prisons are adapting and preparing for the coronavirus.

The conversation begins with a discussion about the effectiveness of college-in-prison programs, how these programs benefit inmates, and how prior to the 1994 ‘Clinton Crime Bill,’ these programs were found nationwide.

The conversation then turns to the current reality of prison inmates and staff in light of the recent increase in the spread of COVID-19. Kenner talks about the concerns advocates have about elderly inmates who susceptible to coronavirus, and the moral imperative society has to protect the most vulnerable populations, including those incarcerated.

Finally, they close out the discussion on the power the governor of New York has to release various inmates populations including the elderly and those granted parole but awaiting release.

Miranda Warnings is hosted by NYSBA’s 118th President David Miranda.

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