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Sticking Together

Dear Friends,

At BPI, our team takes pride in describing this work with language like proximitycommunity, and human touch.

Yesterday, however, we made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend BPI operations within the prisons.

The demand to ‘isolate’ contradicts every impulse. However, there is now an imperative to keep this virus out of the prisons to protect everyone within them — especially the sick and elderly.

While our academic team works to guarantee BPI students can finish some portion of the semester, our greater imperative will be to ensure that we don’t lose track of those qualities which have made BPI what it is. Those are all about the willingness to work closely with one another, especially when challenges are greatest.

We look forward to a near future when we are together again, and, in the meantime, wishing safety and health to all of you who make our community possible.

As events play out, we’ll continue to be in touch throughout the crisis.


Yours sincerely,

Max Kenner

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