BPI Press Clip The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Public Libraries Are Reinventing Access to Higher Education

Across the country, libraries serve as great equalizers and safe spaces. They are institutions of change and models of equity and inclusion, allowing visitors free access to resources, irrespective of economic and social barriers. EUGENE M. TOBIN I still remember the awe and pride I felt the… Read More 

BPI Press Clip The Crime Report

Some of America’s ‘Most Terrific’ Students are Behind Bars

The 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act has been in the news this fall, as Democratic candidates for president debate the pros and cons of a law which some charge was a major driver of America’s mass incarceration crisis. About one component of the… Read More 

BPI Press Clip Wall Street Journal

Three Prison Inmates Beat Harvard in a Debate. Here’s What Happened Next.

When inmates in a New York maximum-security prison beat Harvard in a debate four years ago, their victory made international headlines and highlighted the intellectual talent behind bars. Now, the three debaters who outsmarted the Ivy Leaguers have a new round of accomplishments. Two have found professional footing after… Read More 

BPI Press Clip Point of View Magazine

NYFF Review: ‘College Behind Bars’

An extraordinary portrait of students in the prison system By Jason Gorber The first hour of Lynn Novick’s four-part documentary series College Behind Bars plays out pretty much how one would expect this story to be told. [The four-part work screens in a single feature presentation at the New… Read More 

BPI Press Clip Inside Higher Ed

Documentary to Showcase Education in Prison

The Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference Friday in Washington hosted a panel discussion and preview of a new PBS documentary series that follows incarcerated people who are pursuing college degrees. The four-part series, “College Behind Bars,” was executive produced by Ken Burns and directed… Read More 

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