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Consortium Webinar Series: Sept 16th: Communications, Digital Marketing, and Social Media


Please join BPI’s Consortium for the Liberal Arts in Prison as we kick off this year’s webinar series on Friday, September 16th at 1:00pm eastern.

This webinar, Communications, Digital Marketing, and Social Media, will be led by longtime BPI collaborators Anita Merk and Ojus Doshi, of Flyleaf Creative Inc.

In this virtual workshop, our Flyleaf colleagues will discuss how programs can begin to think about and plan for communication goals, identifying and cultivating audiences, how to make your communications cohesive across platforms such as email, website, social media, and more.

Who are you trying to reach? What do you want them to know? What do you want them to do?

Make sure to register in advance for this workshop here: https://bpi-bard-edu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_YJjnfMzQSv-weXN64WsCJA.

Flyleaf uses design to expand knowledge, activate curiosity, welcome audiences and raise awareness to help amplify voices that bring communities together, and has been working with BPI on our own digital communications since 2016.  Learn more about Anita Merk and Ojus Doshi here.

Upcoming Webinars:


Getting Started With JSTOR in Prison

Friday Oct 14th, 1pm Eastern

This workshop is designed to guide participants in the mechanics of implanting access to the JSTOR database offline for incarcerated students and highlight the resources IKATHA S+R has made available to college-in-prison programs. BPI was the first college-in-prison program in the nation to partner with JSTOR to create this offline research experience. 15 years later, alumna Stacy Burnett ’20, Manager, JSTOR Access in Prison works with college-in-prison programs around the nation on issues of access and equity including themes such as:

  1. How JSTOR supports classroom instruction through providing access to academic research tools in prison
  2. Teaching basic academic research skills in tech-starved spaces
  3. 3. Protecting intellectual curiosity in restrictive environments.
  4. 4. How the offline research tool works in prisons
  5. 5. Full-text options – challenges & opportunities.
  6. 6. Tablet interfaces are coming.

Sign up here for a thumb drive: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1A845lTQka5ICMFoAw9TYgoekI8GGEPSIo706Wk5OQBU/viewform?edit_requested=true


Alumni Advocacy and Government Affairs, led by Dyjuan Tatro ’18

Friday Nov 18th, 3pm Eastern

Join in a conversation with BPI’s Senior Government Affairs Officer to learn about alumni-led efforts to build government support and new funding streams for college-in-prison and develop relationships and familiarity between elected officials and your program. Dyjuan Tatro will go over how and why he created a government affairs role at BPI, what he has accomplished in this role over the years, and tips and strategies for engaging elected officials in college-in-prison work including possibilities for direct funding and political support. We will also explore potential pitfalls and what to watch out for.

Gabriel Mendes

Career Specializations and Post-Degree Coursework

January 2023, details coming soon

This workshop will detail public health and education both as curricular specializations in prison, and as career paths for students post-release; it will also outline the ways in which these areas match widespread student interest in making positive contributions to their communities with viable, rewarding, and ambitious career paths. The workshop will be led by program directors and alumni active in the fields.

BPI’s Public Health Program is a direct intervention in a problem widely identified but rarely confronted head on: the underrepresentation of justice-system involved professionals in crafting life-determining public health policy and programs. Public health at BPI prepares students and alumni — uniquely positioned through experience, education and expertise — to deliver services, innovate practices, and advocate for equitable policies in public health, health care, and the human services.

The Education Program at BPI offers coursework and experience in the field of education, writ large. Education coursework and post-release fellowships enable students to deepen their understanding of the complex issues surrounding education and schooling in the US, as well as to expand their sense of possibilities for professional pursuits in the field. The program introduces BPI students and alum to an array of education fields to further support and articulate potential pathways for their careers and/or further study; it also provides attention to varieties and aspects of educational praxis, including peer tutoring and participatory action research projects.

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