College Behind Bars

BPI students featured in PBS documentary

College Behind Bars Behind-the-Scenes
Producer Sarah Botstein and cinematographer Buddy Squires on location at Taconic Correctional Facility.
BPI graduates celebrate at Taconic Correctional Facility in June, 2017.
Director Lynn Novick and cinematographer Buddy Squires on location at Eastern New York Correctional Facility.

College Behind Bars, a new four-part PBS documentary about the transformative power of education, is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. College Behind Bars is an intimate look at the lives and experiences of a dozen BPI students and their families that confronts and challenges conventional wisdom about the purpose of both education and incarceration.

The Bard Prison Initiative enrolls over 300 incarcerated students in six New York State prisons. Since its first cohort in 2001, BPI students have earned over 52,000 credits and 550 Bard College degrees. BPI alumni overwhelmingly go home to their communities and give back in ways that positively impact the lives of others

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