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Alumni Chronicle
Hancy Maxis ‘15 is working in New York’s largest hospital system, Montefiore Medical Center, as a project manager, helping guide the hospital’s response to COVID-19.
Candice Pelletier ’15 and Nadine Llewellyn ’15 graduate from BPI Microcollege Holyoke
College Behind Bars
An Emmy-nominated Documentary about the transformative power of education. Now streaming on Amazon Prime and PBS LearningMedia!

Last year, the Emmy-nominated film College Behind Bars brought the story of BPI to the nation’s headlines. In 2020, BPI’s work has continued in tremendous ways despite — and in response to — COVID-19. This year alone, we’ve:

  • Celebrated graduates across college-in-prison sites and the microcolleges
  • Introduced the Bard Baccalaureate (BardBac)— This summer, in response to the onset of mass unemployment, BPI established the BardBac: a new, tuition-free college on Bard College’s main campus, designed for adults who lost work due to COVID-19 or whose education had previously been interrupted.
  • Doubled down on our commitment to incarcerated students with an ambitious expansion of the BA program for students who have already completed a Bard AA
  • Created public health and COVID resources for alumni in New York City, held weekly zoom forums with public health experts, and then created the BPI Public Health Journal on the BPI Blog.
  • Lifted up the efforts of alumni on the frontlines of COVID-related crises who are working in hospitals, distributing PPE, and becoming contact tracers across New York.
  • Shared the stories of alumni advocacy efforts in response to restoring Pell funding, reforming bail and parole, #CLOSErikers, and fighting felony disenfranchisement.

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