BPI Education Fellowship

The BPI Education Fellowship is an academic and professional development program to prepare formerly incarcerated individuals to become leading professionals in the educational space. 

“This Education Fellowship aligned with my goals to expose, educate, and empower everyone in my community. I love giving back to my community because the community is me.” Robert, 23’ ED Fellow

Community engagement sits at the center of efforts to build greater educational access, opportunity, and equity.

The BPI Education Fellowship is a professional development program that engages participants with a variety of experts and practitioners across the diverse field of education. Together we will think through particular models for change that advocate for greater educational access and opportunity for historically underserved communities. Participants will deepen their understanding of the educational landscape through the lens of community engagement and build skills integral to this field. 

Monthly Workshops

Participants will meet twice a month from September to May. Each month will be organized around a particular subfield or practice featuring invited guests who will lead a workshop on how they rethink and reimagine the link between community engagement and educational access and equity.

Workshop topics may include:
  • Restorative Justice practice in schools and communities
  • Community Development and Action
  • Education Policy & Advocacy
  • Leadership, Change, and Improvement in Education
  • Adult Literacy and  Public Libraries Education Programs
  • Building an inclusive and supportive community in the ED-space
  • Educational Technology & Digital Citizenship.
  • Curriculum & Racial Justice in the ED-space
  • Education in Youth Detention Centers


You are eligible for the BPI Education Fellowship if you:

  1. Formerly incarcerated citizen
  2. Have completed an associate degree
  3. Are employed in an education-related field or actively seeking further study or a career in education-related fields.


The BPI Education Fellowship commitment includes:

  1. Two meetings per month for 9 months
  2. Individualized instruction, advising, and one-on-one engagement with experts and practitioners
  3. $6,000 stipend disbursed quarterly
  4. A series of small projects that lead into the final project
  5. Panel presentation at the BPI Education Symposium

2024 Application Process and Timeline

  1. Wednesday, March 13th, 6:30 pm  -7:30 pm: Virtual Information Session. Register Here
  2. Thursday , April 25th from  6:30 pm  -7:30 pm: Virtual Application Completion Session. Register Here.
  3. Monday, May 13th: Applications are due
  4. Early June: Applicants will be notified of admissions decisions

The fellowship will run from mid-September 2024 to late May 2025



Leslie-Ann Murray, Director of Education Programs Lmurray@bard.edu

2024-2025 BPI Education Fellowship Information Flyer (PDF)


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